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30 December 2009 @ 11:16 pm
uss independence; currently out!  
Clutter. The only way to describe the master cabin of the USS Independence. Although cleanliness, a value, was highly prized when serving the navy, or any uniformed service of the United States of America, the spectacle of scattered doodles and paper airplanes, video games and half-eaten potato chips, reminded many of a boy's playroom. Which was what it simply was.

Alfred F. Jones, the young captain of the new American White Fleet. Born in Virginia, raised in the sea, his academics were solid, and his records were spotless. He acquired the highest praises, joined the highest circles, but he still still-- could not write straight. Or with any grammatical logic.

As it was on the note on his door.

Yo, whoever's reading this right now! If you're reading it and I'm not here, then chances are, I'm somewhere on one of my other ships! It might be awesome to let you find me, and it'd be really cool if you actually do, but if it's really that bad, you can just call me by mass communication radio that I just put in (few days ago actually, it's quite nifty and gets to everyone all the time). Leave a note with one of my guys here, they know my name, just say "Al" or whatever you call me, and they'll know to give it to me, or slip it in the mailbox over here. Nice talking to you, and I'll get back to you eventually!

- AFJ. ;D

Currently: @ USS Rhode Island. Secret planning, don't bother!